Roundtable ‘Regional engagement of Universities of Applied Sciences: concept and impact'

Our project leader EURASHE hosted a roundtable in Brussels on the impact of HEIs in regions.

Listen to the conclusions by EU Commission TEFCE project HE Innovate OECDEduSkills.

Despite the proven benefits that the presence of UAS brings to the regional environment there has still remain an issue of a systematic collection of data at the EU level on the impact that single UAS or the sector have on their surrounding communities, their economic and social development, nor on their cooperation patterns and knowledge transfer activities within their local dimensions. Many projects have tried to develop a framework to assess such impact, but encountered challenges in identifying indicators that could cover the richness of all the activities carried out by UAS, which include, among other innovation, development, lifelong learning, systemic cooperation and relations with the world of work, and community engagement. The objective of this roundtable is therefore to bring together experts and professionals from the European and international institutions, projects, networks and higher education institutions with an interest in the “Third Mission of University”, in order to learn from their experience and develop a clear understanding of the concept and impact of the regional engagement of UAS.

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